Helpful Tips on Letterhead Printing               

Your business’ letterhead is among the most essential elements of your corporate identity. It’s a well-established fact that a letterhead is one of the most inexpensive, important and effective corporate promotional tools. For this reason, you should make sure that your organization’s letterheads leave behind a great, long-lasting impression on people who get to hold them in their hands.

Here are some of the greatest letterhead printing tips that can greatly help enhance organization’s promotional efforts.

Print your letterhead in color

For your customers to remember your letterheads, you must ensure that your letterheads stand out of the crowd. Your letterhead should not be a plain black print on a simple, plain white paper. Instead, your printing company should print them in color.  The color you choose should be consistent with the color of your logo and business name because in the business marketing game, you can win or lose on brand consistency.

Use high-quality paper

The quality of paper you use speaks volumes about your business. Instead of using the ordinary printer paper, it’s advisable that you use high quality paper because in more often than note, your prospects and costumers associate the quality of your letterhead with your products, services and customer care. So, if you use cheap photocopy paper to print your organization’s letterhead, your clients will associate your company with low quality products and services.

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Embossing your letterhead is beneficial

Consider embossing your organization’s letterhead to make it pop. After choosing the right color scheme and quality paper, embossing will give your printing letterhead Port Orange offers an extra feel of elegance and importance. You can view samples at and place your orders online at

Matching the second sheets and envelopes

To create well-rounded information, it’s important that you match second sheets and envelopes. Make sure that the envelopes are matching the size of the letterhead and the paper quality. For instance, if you are going to use premium quality paper for you organization’s letterhead then you need to use the same quality paper for both the second sheets and envelopes. Matching second sheets and envelopes helps to create an impression of consistency.

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