Windows are extremely common objects found around individuals regardless of the place they go to. They are present at home, at workplace, in cars, at ones favorite place to shop or eat and almost all other places in between. Windows are one of the most ideal locations for advertising since they are available everywhere and grab attention of common public. Custom window decals Daytona Beach offers through services of Copy Cat Printing Centers are a temporary fixture and thus ideal for being placed at windows.


The level of customization of these decals is decided according to the requirement and they can be placed both inside and outside the window. The shape, size and colors added depend on your need and your marketing budget. 

Decals that are placed on the outside of the window are printed with a back adhesive and can also be laminated depending on abrasion resistance or weather. A layer of polyurethane can be added to provide extra protection.

Creation of stickers that are placed inside the window is slightly complicated as the face side needs to have an adhesive layer. In order to get it right the design is reversed before being sent for printing. This design is printed using a clear substrate which is then laminated by a laminating material. The substrate liner is removed before the decal is pasted to the inside window, so that it is no longer reversed.

General requirements for creation of decals  

The most common substrates used for window decals Daytona Beach offers are white, shiny gold or silver and brushed gold or silver. White is the most versatile substrate since, color only needs to be added to the parts which are to be printed. All gold, silver and white will be able to have a clear edge. Clear substrates camouflage the edge. You need to know what you are looking for when you are creating a design since, changes cannot be made to the decal later on. 

You also need to consider if the background of the window where the decal will be placed is lighted up or dark. If the area is dark the decal needs to be kept light so that one can clearly view the decal through the contrast created. If the area has light, the design should be made dark so it is clearly visible to the passersby through the contrast.

Since, most of the individuals viewing your decal will be moving; the design should be simple so that they are able to understand what it is communicating. Text should be simple, clean and bold while graphics should not have lots of intricate detailing.  

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