Finding the Best Design Services                                     

Any printed material that you use to advertise or promote your business, product, service or event must have a strong design. Otherwise, they won’t work well, if not at all to promote your company, product or service. Even if you print more than a million business cards, posters, postcards or stickers, they won’t drive sales if they don’t have a strong design.

Design speaks to your customers and prospects about you. This therefore means that a poor design speaks poorly of you, your business, product, service or event. So, if you are designing for business, it’s necessary that you ensure the design is great. You should design and print your business cards, posters, postcards and stickers from a reliable design services provider that guarantees you great design.

For great design services, you must be able to find the appropriate design and printing company to do the work for you. Here are some of the qualities to look for prior to hiring design services provider.


For great design services, hire a company with years of experience because chances are that they are in business because their clients keeps on coming back for their services, which means that they guarantee quality in designing business cards, stickers, flyers, posters and much more.  You can have your design services done at Copy Cat Printing Centers because the company has been handling designing and printing projects of any size.


It’s advisable that you hire design services of a company that creates green promotional items. If a design company you choose is not environmental friendly in offering its services, you will be putting your business at risk of being sued for polluting the environment.


Prior to hiring design services in Ormond Beach, be sure to view the equipment in use. The secrete does not lie in the age of the equipment but in its condition. For instance, a poorly maintained printer will not be able to produce quality items even if its new.


There are many ways of checking the reputation of a company that offers design services in Ormond Beach. For instance, you can view customer reviews and see what clients who have head first hand experiences with the company are saying about the services they received.  A long list of positive reviews is a sign of a good reputation. If your business is located around Ormond Beach, Port Orange, Daytona Beach or Holly Hill, you should get your business document printed at Copy Cat Printing Centers at great prices.

Essentials for Designing Presentation Folders

 Presentation folders are not only a vehicle to store information, but they are also a symbol of your organization. The image and philosophy of your company is embedded in your presentation folder. For this reason, your presentation folder design is extremely important.

Being the portal to all your important sales information as well as proposal and other data, it’s critical that your presentation folder tells your audience who you are at the first site before they even open it to see whatever is inside.

To ensure that you design an influential presentation folder Ormond Beach offers that will define your organization positively in years to come, it’s advisable that you stick to the following design essentials.

Be original                             

To design a presentation folder that will tell the world who you are and attracts attention if not entice your prospects open and see what is inside, you must be original. In most cases, a centered logo works. To enhance your image, you should place a large cross section of your company’s logo, product or service in the background. 

Instead of limiting your design to the folder front, you should think outside the box and try extending your elements to both inside the folder and around the back of your folder that can effectively help draw your readers in.

Focus on your goals

Consider your end goal so that you can design your presentation folder for it. Do you want your presentation folder to be used a certain product or service pitch, or do you want it to be used for everything? You should tailor your design based on your end goal. When pushing a specific product, design your presentation folder with a logo along with some simple graphic accents. In certain cases, extravagant designs will do the trick as well. For a cohesive appearance, you must ensure that the design of your presentation folder Ormond Beach offers matches the materials inside.

Pay attention to the flaps

Just like your front design, you should also pay much attention to the inside flaps of your presentation folder because they let you expand on your message in a very concise way. Among what should go on your flaps include logos, taglines and contact information. You should have your presentation folders printed at Copy Cat Printing Centers as through Ormond Beach offers, the company creates amazing presentation folders to local businesses at reasonable rates.

Essential Guidelines to Get Your Documents Printed

Going to print is different from designing websites in that once your printing company puts your design and information on paper, it won’t be possible for you to correct anything. In fact, the only thing you would be able to do is to throw away everything and reprint, but this would obviously cost you a lot.

There are very many reputable companies that offer quality services of document printing in Florida and area. However, Copy Cat Printing Centers in Port Orange, Holly Hill, Daytona Beach, and Ormond Beach offer the best quality at great rates. Before getting a professional document printed, it’s advisable that you follow some essential guidelines.

Include your corporate branding

It’s important that you add your corporate branding to any of your business documents as this will give confidence to your customers. By reinforcing your company’s name and brand, you will be helping it to stand out from its competitors. For document printing, you can place your orders online at and collect your documents at Port Orange.

Verify the quality of a printing company

Before you hire a service document printing Port Orange offers, it’s advisable that you verify the quality of documents they produce. One of the best ways to verify the quality id by viewing some of their samples to see whether it’s what you are looking for. Viewing their samples gives you an opportunity to grasp the printing techniques that a printing business employs.

Versatility, flexibility and legality

Document printing involves more than just printing words on paper. Make sure that the business documents your printing business produces fulfill all the legal requirements. Furthermore, the documents should be flexible and versatile so that you can use them for a number of purposes. To have an idea of what a versatile, flexible and legal business documents look like, you can view samples at

Choose a company that offers creative designs

Avoid hiring services of a company that offers fixed design templates to print documents. It’s important to understand that a fixed design template is not effective when it comes to expressing both values and messages concerning transactions, contracts and communication of a business. Hire a company that offers creative designs so that you can be able to choose the correct design for your documents.

Choose your paper wisely      

There are so many papers that you can choose from, and each will render your graphic design work differently. From matter to semi-glossy, glossy, coated and uncoated among others, you should make your choice based on the design, content, legality and intention of a particular document printing. Do not hesitate to contact Copy Cat Printing Centers at Port Orange and ask for some paper samples. 

Envelope Printing: An Effective Marketing Tool                     

There is no trace of doubt that a good cover can persuade you to see what is lying inside of it. It’s an established fact that an ordinary cover does not do much for a company, but an extra ordinary one can always take the company to the starts. Even though it’s a medium with which your audience often gets in touch, a company envelop is often ignored or treated  by many people as a mere piece office paper, which is the main reason why they goes unnoticed.

Any smart businessman out there knows the worth of a company envelop both in monetary term and the marketing opportunities it represents. As a shrewd marketer, you should invest your time, money and energy conceptualizing and creating company envelop to use it as a marketing tool. For envelop printing, you should have yours printed at Copy Cat Printing Centers as through these envelops Ormond Beach offers to its residents are not only excellent, but charming as well.

Creating an envelope is far much less than any other marketing tool, but it could actually be more powerful a medium as compared to any other direct marketing tool you could even imagine to be if it is creatively done. An envelope can have a huge impact on your audience, and has a potential to grab the attention of your consumers at the first sight. Unlike other marketing tools, an envelope works as a silent marketing weapon that you can actually deploy without having to spend even a single coin extra than you usually do when you are sending bills and other communication to your consumers.

Excellent quality envelops Ormond Beach offers are used for marketing your business. If you fail to make it colorful or miss out on the necessary details such as including a powerful marketing message, your consumers might see it like just a mere cover sheet.  In order to purchase quality envelops Ormond Beach offers this business through So, if your business is located in Holly hill and area, you can place orders online to receive envelops with visually appealing textures, marketing messages and shiny surface elements on them.

For an envelope to do more than just providing protection to your documents and letters, it should have relevant photographs, graphical elements, visually appealing textures, and shiny surface elements. 

Effective Tips for Great Vehicle Lettering

Vehicle lettering is one of the most effective ways your company can advertise its products and services without having to spend a lot of money. Vehicle lettering not only allows you to be creative with your advertisement strategies, but it also a fun and easy way to add color to the roads while increasing your brand awareness by milestones.

Vehicle lettering Holly Hill offers are a great way to get the word out to a wide audience about your business, your product or services. Vehicle lettering makes people think that their neighbors know and use your business too, and this gives them confidence to buy from you. When people think that their neighbors are also buying from you, the will have a positive image of your brand, which makes them trust you. For great vehicle lettering, use the following effective tips.

Utilize the space to your advantage

Unlike vehicle wraps that uses almost the whole space available on your vehicle, vehicle lettering uses just a small fraction of the available space. This therefore means that you have more space than you need. So, why don’t you stretch a moving advertisement a little longer and wider? For instance, stretch that moving advertisement from bumper to bumper. If you have a larger advertisement on your company vehicle, chances that people will see and remember it increases tremendously.

Keep it easy, short and simple         

People you are targeting have only few seconds to see and read your advertisement because they don’t want to lose their concentration on the road. Instead of using a long list of bullets and, or long paragraphs, make your message short and simple to read and understand. Use a concise message or image and you will definitely get the word out at a glance.

Use font and color creatively

Use bright colors creatively for your advertisement to be able to grab attention. Choose the color that is consistent with the color of your brand and create an image that will shine on the road. Hire a reputable company like Copy Cat Printing Centers to create vehicle lettering with an interesting design that will definitely capture people’s attention. The more colorful your advertisement is, the more eye-catching it is likely to be.

Include a clear call-to-action

A concise message with contact information such as a phone number or company’s email address will be very effective way of advertising your products and services as drivers and passengers will simply write down or call you straight away for more details.

For more tips for great vehicle lettering come see us at Copy Cat Printing Services in Daytona Beach.

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