Helpful Booklet Printing and Design Tips        

Booklets are very effective tools that your business can use to provide information about your products and services to customers and prospects. Even though smaller than a catalog, a full color, custom booklet will still pack a punch. Take your marketing to the next level by sending new and creative booklets Ormond Beach offers to your current and future customers several times a year and then watch your sales grow.

Booklet printing at Copy Cat Printing Centers is easier and affordable than you may think. While you might be able to write and prepare the text for your booklets, there is no doubt that you won’t be able to handle the printing part effectively because this area lies outside your expertise. Yes, it is true that booklet printing and designing can be a difficult task. However, with these tips, coupled with the right kind of support, you will be able to do it.

Hire the best printing company

It’s important that you hire printing services from a company that offers a wide range of options for booklet printing. In that way, the company will be able to take on your project based on your business needs and what you intend to achieve. The convenient services of Copy Cat Printing Centers can help expedite the booklet printing of any size project.

Choose the right binding method     

When it comes to binding, choose the method that is effective but most inexpensive. The best binding method is that which will let your booklets to lie flat when they open. Copy Cat Printing Centers creates colored, customized booklets Ormond Beach offers to the residents through We offer a variety of printing methods that are not only effective, but also very inexpensive. If your business is located around Ormond Beach, you can place orders now to get your booklets printed by professionals.

Print in order

Booklets are read in page 1, page 2, page 3, and page 4 and so on. So, you should print your booklets in that order. Multiple pages printed out of order in a piece of paper, they will actually end up in proper 1, 2, 3, 4 order for your readers when folded and cut.

Don’t cut corners so much

While you are supposed to work within your budget, it’s important that you don’t cut corners so much. Otherwise, you might end up with low quality booklets that won’t be able to deliver as per your expectation.

You can view samples on and place your orders only at

Helpful Check Printing Tips for Small Businesses

Even in our digital world, the paper check is still alive and kicking well. Copy Cat Printing Centers include check printing capabilities for local businesses in Florida especially in cities such as Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach, Port Orange and Holly Hill.

When producing produce checks, you need to consider whether you need manual checks or printed checks. You can decide to write your own checks by hand or have them printed from another application. But this is always clumsier because you will have to update the transactions manually to show that the checks have been sent out. While that can be very easy to do, it’s advisable that you get your checks printed at a reliable printing company so that you can keep your financial operations integrated into one business management software.

The main advantage that printed checks have over manual checks is that your document payments will be printed clearly. This therefore means that printed checks are more accurate and easier to read. Copy Cat Printing Centers will update the transaction automatically to show that the check has been printed, which means that you won’t have to wonder about it later.

Among the couple of points to consider when producing checks for your business is whether you want standard checks or voucher checks. Before you make a choice, you should understand what each option entails. Voucher checks contain a check and two stubs on every sheet. You tear off one stub from a sheet to keep as your own record, and the recipient will keep the other stub when the check has been deposited. If you want something cheaper and more environment friendly, you should go for standard checks.

The advantage that voucher checks have over standard checks is that they provide a better paper trail. It’s recommended that you keep paper receipts when you are using cloud software just in case cant access your cloud provider.

Under Setup -> Settings -> Default Settings, you can be able to set a default selection, and if you like, you can as well change the setting when printing the checks. For instance, you might prefer that most check printing Holly Hill offers are printed as standard checks but still print payments as voucher checks so that you can keep a stub for your records.

If your business is located around Ormond Beach, Port Orange, Daytona Beach or Holly Hill, you can place your check printing order now at so that Copy Cat Printing Centers can take care of everything at a reasonable price.

Finding the Best Design Services                                     

Any printed material that you use to advertise or promote your business, product, service or event must have a strong design. Otherwise, they won’t work well, if not at all to promote your company, product or service. Even if you print more than a million business cards, posters, postcards or stickers, they won’t drive sales if they don’t have a strong design.

Design speaks to your customers and prospects about you. This therefore means that a poor design speaks poorly of you, your business, product, service or event. So, if you are designing for business, it’s necessary that you ensure the design is great. You should design and print your business cards, posters, postcards and stickers from a reliable design services provider that guarantees you great design.

For great design services, you must be able to find the appropriate design and printing company to do the work for you. Here are some of the qualities to look for prior to hiring design services provider.


For great design services, hire a company with years of experience because chances are that they are in business because their clients keeps on coming back for their services, which means that they guarantee quality in designing business cards, stickers, flyers, posters and much more.  You can have your design services done at Copy Cat Printing Centers because the company has been handling designing and printing projects of any size.


It’s advisable that you hire design services of a company that creates green promotional items. If a design company you choose is not environmental friendly in offering its services, you will be putting your business at risk of being sued for polluting the environment.


Prior to hiring design services in Ormond Beach, be sure to view the equipment in use. The secrete does not lie in the age of the equipment but in its condition. For instance, a poorly maintained printer will not be able to produce quality items even if its new.


There are many ways of checking the reputation of a company that offers design services in Ormond Beach. For instance, you can view customer reviews and see what clients who have head first hand experiences with the company are saying about the services they received.  A long list of positive reviews is a sign of a good reputation. If your business is located around Ormond Beach, Port Orange, Daytona Beach or Holly Hill, you should get your business document printed at Copy Cat Printing Centers at great prices.

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